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Techniques in Art and Life for Professional Artists

New techniques in art can add a whole new dimension to your artistic style.

techniques in art

Enchanted Trees by Bee Lilli

Professional artists need to be consistent in their work if they wish to exhibit.  They need to produce a body of work that is linked by colour, form or content; work that can be presented in a portfolio in such a way that the gallery owner can clearly see that it will create a unified show.  Gallery owners don’t want a jumble of different styles; they look at the whole body of work rather than individual paintings.  Will that body of work look good on the walls of the gallery and lead the viewer around the space, ultimately leading to a sale?

Techniques in Art can be familiar and comfortable.

But sometimes you might want to just break out of your mould and try something new and different.

The picture here was my first attempt at using pastels.  My preferred medium is acrylic; my preferred base is canvas.  I love to ‘break out’ regularly and I learn a great deal in the process.

I call this piece “Enchanted trees” because the trees have been given a ‘living’ character.  At any minute they could start heaving themselves into life and begin lumbering over their leafy carpet.

Using pastels was a challenge because I’m used to being able to layer colour over colour so had to think about the lightest areas first and work toward darker tones.  Layering too much with pastels also causes the grip on the paper to be lost so subsequent layers may not ‘stick’ and if you like the grain of the paper to show through, too many layers will smooth it off.

Exploring new techniques in art is like exploring new techniques in life.  You learn in the process; you push your boundaries and step outside of your comfort zone; you grow.

When we stick with what we know we are limiting ourselves.  Yes, we do need to be consistent to gain the practice, the skill, the credibility and consistency needed in our lives, work and art, but just as the occasional exploration of our skill set will strengthen our work, so the occasional exploration of our beliefs, values or behaviours will help us realise where we are stuck in a rut that’s not working for us and where we can expand, grow and be more true to ourselves.

If you were to try  totally different techniques in art what would they be?

If you were to examine an area of your life or behaviours that needs some tweaking, what would that be?


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