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Painting in Spain | Estudio 61 Marbella

Painting in Spain January 2012: Estudio 61 Marbella Painting in spainI’m lucky enough to have spent a month in Spain this January.  Every lunch-time we dined on the balcony in warm sunshine whilst my friends and family in the UK shivered.  I can’t pretend I didn’t gloat a little. One of the fun aspects of our vacation was Estudio 61, where I attended an art class each week with Caroline Hulse, a wonderful artist and Royal Academician. She has a whole range of classes and even offers ‘studio time’ that allows the public the use of the studio and easels. I chose the acrylics course.  Four 2-hour sessions, one a week, each of which taught me a completely new technique.

Painting in Spain was an Education

The first week we learned how to prepare a canvas and how to create the outline of our composition to be most pleasing to the eye (more on that in another blog).

painting in spain

Estudio 61

Our main focus was to use a wet-in-wet technique.  For the background we chose one dark, one medium and one light colour and began brushing them on the canvas in patches of dark, then medium, then light in a way that created the result we wanted.  The brushes we used were daVinci 30cm ‘mopper’; much larger than I usually use but I soon got used to using them to create lovely effects. Paints vary in their consistency and we used Amsterdam paint (sold in the UK from Great Art or Blick in the USA).  This is a fairly thick paint that was perfect for the job. Painting in spainEach student had drawn their tulip outlines, shapes and composition completely differently as Caroline encouraged us to be creative and use our own intuition.  We used exactly the same technique of dark / medium / light paint to fill in the tulips and finished off with some small flowers at the base to ‘ground’ the piece.  My efforts are shown here.
It’s always worth taking a look on line before a holiday to find out if there are learning opportunities or galleries in the area you’re visiting.  It adds a completely new dimention to the holiday. Please let me know if you’ve found good workshops for painting in spain or on other holidays elsewhere by commenting below. © copyright 2012 http://beelilli.com, painting in spain

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