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Looking After Your Art

Once you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on buying a beautiful painting, print or textile, it makes sense to look after it and keep it in good condition.  You never know what it might be worth in a few years time if your favoured artist becomes very collectable.

Handling your art

The oils from your hands can cause damage to the surface of your artwork so either handle it with a clean cloth (a cotton handkerchief is good) or wear cotton gloves when handling your precious investment.

Storing your art

It might be a while before you hang your piece or you may swap and change the art on your walls, leaving you with a storage issue.  When your artwork isn’t displayed, don’t leave it leaning against a wall because it may begin to bow and, more importantly, don’t store it with anything else on top of it.  Keep it away from radiators and ideally store it in an upright position in a low-light, dry environment.

Hanging your art

Hanging artwork over radiators or fires really isn’t a good idea –bowing or buckling will be the result or a change in texture of color.  Anywhere excessively warm, damp or steamy could also ruin the piece.  Keep your art away from areas where it could get inadvertently splashed.

Lighting your art

Sunlight or bright natural light can lead to discoloration so good quality artificial lighting may be the best way to show off your print or painting.  Be careful, however, to keep lighting around 30cm away from the piece as the heat they create could cause damage.


Always ensure you use a reputable and qualified framer.  Certain cheaper framing and mounting materials could cause damage to prints, paper.

Use acid-free framing and mount materials and acid-free framing tape.  Never use sticky tape or masking tape which will leave a nasty gummy residue that could penetrate and ruin a delicate piece.


Following these simple rules will keep your valuable art in great condition so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Best wishes


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